The law firm of Rowe & Rowe is a local, intimate personal  injury boutique, specializing in providing personal representation to victims of very serious personal injury, medical malpractice and wrongful death.


Rowe and Rowe has a reputation for excellence in representing  clients in the metropolitan Atlanta area.  Our trial lawyers have received acclaim from the legal community, the business community and our clients for successfully litigating complicated “unwinnable” cases….. with very favorable outcomes. Our trial lawyers have been described as some of the most experienced trial lawyers in the state of Georgia.


Rowe and Rowe was established in 2000 in DeKalb County and has provided continual representation for the Atlanta Metropolitan area residents ever since.    Rowe and Rowe has made it a point to remain in the community that has provided it with so much success.  Our law firm remains entrenched in the community, serving its citizens and being a beacon of legal knowledge and assistance for the community that it loves.

Obtaining fantastic financial settlements in catastrophic injury and wrongful death cases is what we do. The attorneys at Rowe and Rowe represents injured individuals in complex civil lawsuits in state and federal courts, as well as before arbitration tribunals and in meditation proceedings. Rowe & Rowe handles civil litigation cases related to:  Serious personal injuries, Commercial tractor trailer accidents Traumatic brain injuries, Wrongful death actions and Medical malpractice.


Rowe and Rowe has trial experience you can trust with more than one and a half decades of combined litigation experience, our attorneys have handled a wide range of civil cases.


By being able to resolve complex and difficult cases, Rowe and Rowe has earned a reputation of excellence among clients and peers.

Rowe & Rowe

Anton Rowe

Anton Rowe specializes in complex litigation and is particularly effective at trial litigation. One client defined Anton Rowe’s trial success in 3 words: “Jurors like him”.  Because of Anton Rowe’s in depth knowledge of the law, high likeability with jurors and ability to effectively argue his legal positions, he has won a majority of favorable verdicts.

Felicia Rowe

Felicia Rowe provides representation for victims of very serious personal injury, medical malpractice and families of victims of wrongful death.  Through the years she has been uniquely able to win huge financial awards for her victims against some of the most “esteemed” opposing counsels fairly quickly. In the last 5 years Felicia Rowe has recovered millions on behalf of her clients.